Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kaus takes page from Wellstone playbook in latest ad

Micky Kaus, the activist and writer who is running against Barbara Boxer in California's Democratic Senatorial primary, has just launched a TV spot that is based entirely off of the late Paul Wellstone's infamous ad in the 1990 Minnesota Senate race. The ad, which was wildly popular and only aired once on Minnesota television but earned loads of free media, shows Wellstone running around the state, getting lots of things done fast. Micky Kaus ad shows the same thing and even borrows direct lines from the Wellstone script - let's see if it'll help him upset the incumbent in California the same way Wellstone overturned Rudy Boschwitz 16 years ago in Minnesota.

The Wellstone ad:

The Kaus ad:


Jon Morgan said...

Wellstone upset Boschwitz in 1990. That's 20 years ago, not 16.

Look up Bryan Weaver in DC's Ward 1. Wellstone has been imitated in many ways over the years. Howard Dean stole his line, Paul Krugman stole his book title.

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