Tuesday, June 8, 2010

California GOP primary candidates in final media push

A look at the final media push on YouTube from candidates vying for the GOP seats in today's Senatorial and Gubernatorial primaries in California...

GOP Senatorial Primary:

Carly Fiorina has had a robust YouTube campaign. In the past week, her team has uploaded nine YouTube videos to her channel - everything from behind-the-scenes phone banking clips, to TV appearances, to an ad called "Safe" that attacks incumbent Barbara Boxer's record on national security - which Politifact has granted its pants on fire rating, meaning they consider it to be completely false.

It's interesting that the campaign has pulled down the official version of Demon Sheep, the most-talked about campaign ad in the state. Trying to clean things up in the final days of the race? There are too many versions on YouTube already for that strategy to work.

Tom Campbell's message on YouTube has been consistently about one theme in the past week - that he can beat Barbara Boxer. All of his content is focused on this theme, citing polling numbers that show that he would win against Boxer, and that Fiorina would lose.

What does Boxer think? She's not taking any chances - she's bought YouTube promoted video slots for search terms of both her potential opponents' names.

GOP Gubernatorial Primary:

Steve Poizner has taken his campaign in a hard shift to the right ever since the Arizona immigration law passed, working hard to align himself with the Tea Party vote in ads like this one. It seems to be working - his numbers have dramatically increased down the stretch. His "Adults Only" ad about Whitman allowing pornography on eBay received a "half-true" ranking from Politifact. Here's an ad from Team Poizner pushing the connections between Whitman and top Democratic leaders and ideas:

Meg Whitman, whose large lead in the polls have put in the position of the presumed nominee for so long, has been running as an outsider who will bring private sector expertise to government. She has 2 very well-maintined YouTube channels, her primary campaign channel and a special channel devoted to her media appearances. That's smart, since there are several channels devoted to her defeat as well, including megwhitmandoesnotvote, megsfaketownhall, and megwhitmanvanjones, among others.


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