Thursday, November 19, 2009

UC students take to the streets to protest 32% tuition hike

When the University of California Regents announced a 32% tuition hike yesterday, UC students across the state were less than thrilled. In fact, many were downright angry and immediately launched protests, rallies and sit-ins to combat the marked increase. Now, footage from these demonstrations is pouring onto YouTube. Here's a video taken outside the Regents meeting at UCLA's Covel Commons, where a scuffle took place between student protesters and campus police:

Footage of protesters at UC Berkeley:

Hundreds of students sit-in to block the entrance to the parking garage where the Regents are headed:


John said...

I am a student in the Cal-State system, and I personally agree that the rate hikes for tuition are out of control. Our country has lost the ability to manage it's assets, and students are paying the price. Politicians are UNFIT to run this country, and they are directly responsible for the lack of funding available for colleges. Let's face it - without an affordable higher education this country WILL continue to slip. Our priorities are so messed up in this country, it's not even laughable any more - it's down right sad.

libhom said...

If the rich were forced to pay something a little bit closer to their fair share in taxes, the state budget cuts easily be avoided.

Anonymous said...

If you do even superficial research into who Yudof and the Board of Regents are, you will see very quickly that they are (with the possible exception of two Regents) very much in line with the no-tax, belated and frankly unworkable Reagan-era thinking that dominates California. Students know where to aim their anger.

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