Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood resident captures atmosphere immediately after shooting

This video was posted in the last hour by a Fort Hood, Texas resident who was at home when the shootings occurred across the street at the Fort Hood army base. You can hear a loud city-wide emergency broadcast announcement in the background telling people to "take shelter immediately" as the resident peers out of his or her door to see what's going on outside. Sirens are blaring loudly in the background as police arrive on the scene.


Anonymous said...

The fact that a voice that sounds like it is straight off of the movie 1984.. Is the most disturbing thing of this clip!!!
How many other towns have a city wide emerg announcment systems?.. None anywhere near where I live. I cant imagine hearing a voice like that go off all around my town.. DISTURBING STUFF in Texas.. we just have the normal tornado siren here in Indiana. Why does your town even have a system like that in place.. NOt needed here in Amercian unless M. Law is actually real and headed to all towns....HMMMM This clip makes your awarness of Big Brother much bigger than ever. Watch the movie "1984" and then re watch this clip of that Lady's voice

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