Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day in VA and NJ: A YouTube wrap-up

With the nation's political radar focused on the gubernatorial races today in Virginia and New Jersey, here's a last look at the YouTube campaigns run by the candidates in each race.


Democrat Creigh Deeds
: 74 total videos

Most viewed video: "Fired Up" (23,900 views). A clip of President Obama's rally for Deeds, uploaded on October 21.

Toughest moment on YouTube
: Getting his tounge tied on taxes.

Republican Bob McDonnell: 75 total videos

Most viewed video
: "Sheila" (8,596 total views.) Famous billionaire CEO and Democrat Sheila Johnson makes a surprise endorsement of the GOP candidate in the race.

Toughest moment on YouTube: When Sheila Johnson attacked Creigh Deeds ability to "articulate" in a campaign rally for McDonnell; many said her attack went over the line.

New Jersey

Democrat Jon Corzine: 205 videos

Most viewed Video: "If" (122,500 views). An attack ad on opponent Chris Christie, claiming he got off easy on traffic charges and used his power to skirt punishment.

Toughest moment on YouTube
: Well, this isn't a YouTube challenge in the strictest sense, but this comedic parody depicting Corzine as "The Tax Man" got some traction (17K views).

Republican Chris Christie
: 120 total videos

Most viewed video
: "A message for President Obama" (19,800). Christie takes his anti-tax message straight to the President with a YouTube video direct straight at Obama during a visit he made to New Jersey.

Toughest moment on YouTube
: A DNC attack piece using footage from the Hill and a townhall, depicting Christie as a loose cannon.


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