Thursday, November 5, 2009

PBS Probes the Issue of Hunger in America

This month, as Thanksgiving approaches, YouTube is shining the spotlight on hunger in America. This video from Bill Moyers and PBS digs into food bank shortages in the United States and provides excellent context around the hunger issue. If you can spare 13 minutes, it's worth a watch:


Anonymous said... is a national campaign to diminish hunger by enabling backyard (patio-rooftop-kitchen too) gardeners to share their bounty with neighborhood food pantries.

The site is free both for the food pantries and the gardeners using it.

More than 1,100 food pantries nationwide are already on it and more are signing up daily.

It has received backing from the USDA, Google, many faith and service organizations, bloggers, writers, etc.

We need your help.

If you are a gardener with extra produce, please use the site to share what you wish with a community pantry.

If you belong to a house of worship that hosts a food pantry/bank/shelf, please let them know about and encourage them to register on the site (remind them it is free).

Please print the flier at and ask your local nursery/gardenshop etc. to post it in a conspicuous location. You can also post it on the bulletin board of your local supermarket and library.

Lastly, please email/call/Tweet your friends around the country and let them know about enables people to help their community by reaching into their backyard instead of their back pocket.

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