Monday, November 2, 2009

British Taxman heads to YouTube to chase down the scallywags

The UK's tax agency, HM Revenue and Customs, is using YouTube to chase down those who think they can skit paying taxes. Dave Hartnett, the agency's permanent secretary for tax, puts it bluntly in the 2 minute video.

"For some people, offshore bank accounts and tax havens typically conjure up images of exotic and faraway places, well out of the reach of the taxman at home... well, life's just not like that any more. And here's a blunt message from HM Revenue and Customs: times have changed. The taxman now has more powers and more information."

For all those British tax dodgers logging into YouTube from a Cayman Island Internet cafe... watch out. This message is meant for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi you all at Citizentube,

Well what a real cheek as they probably have an account themselves to prevent taxation, but want to stop everyone else doing the same. Anyway the Caymans are not the best read - " Foot UK Bears Ultimate Risk " at or request a copy at my email address at keep up the good work team. Ian

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