Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The first batch of assignments on YouTube Direct

As we announced yesterday in the YouTube blog, we've launched a platform that makes it easier for citizens and media organizations to share footage of news events. It's called YouTube Direct, and it's an open-source platform that allows any organization request, review, and re-broadcast news videos on their own site. You can find out more on our landing page at

Seven different news organizations launched the platform with us - here's a quick synopsis of the call-outs they've made. We're keeping a running list of all assignments over on our Reporters' Center, so check back there often for updates. If you're interested in the opportunities below, click on the name of the news organization to get started.

ABC News

ABC News is asking people to submit videos telling the country what they're thankful for. They'll broadcast the best videos on Good Morning America on Thanksgiving Day. Here's more from the GMA anchors here, and here's Robin Roberts call-out video on YouTube:

Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is asking for your videos on climate change, in the lead-up to the COP-15 conference in Copenhagen this December. The submitter of the best video will get a free trip to Copenhagen to join the leaders gathered there. That's a pretty good incentive, I'd say. Learn more from Matt at the Huffington Post:


NPR is launching a new initiative called "WonderScope", in which they ask you to submit videos that make abstract scientific ideas accessible to people. Check out their great launch video here, for inspiration:


The POLITICO is asking for your thoughts on Sarah Palin's new book, in the "Arena" section on their site. Political pundits, head on over there and submit! They'll be launching new topics frequently, and you can be featured alongside top political opinion leaders from inside the beltway on their site.

The San Francisco Chronicle

The Chronicle is taking a local approach - they want your videos of street performers in San Francisco (and take it from an SF resident, there are lots). Learn more from Dan Hirsch at

The Washington Post

The Washington Post launched not one but three assignments yesterday. Dr. Gridlock is looking for your bad traffic footage, Dan Balz is asking for your thoughts on a GOP resurgence, and the sports section is looking for the best high school football rushing touchdowns in the area. Here's Dr. Gridlock:

WHDH-TV in Boston

Last but not least, WHDH-TV showed the promise of local TV news organizations using YouTube Direct. Not only did they launch a version that asked locals to submit videos on Coach Bill Belichick's decision to go for it on a crucial 4th down in the Patriot's Sunday evening loss to the Colts - but they've already shown some of the best videos on their broadcast. Check out this great example of the kinds of exposure citizen contributors can get via YouTube Direct.

If you're a news organization (or any other organization for that matter) who is interested in YouTube Direct, head over to the site to pick up the code and get started. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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