Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An emotional reunion between soldier and his dog goes viral

This video, chronicling an emotional reunion between a soldier and his dog, has found a huge fan base in the past few weeks (likely aided by a screening of it on the Today Show), and is currently approaching the 1 million-view mark:

It's interesting because the video was actually shot in 2005 and posted over a year ago, but is now finding viral success on YouTube.

Today, the creator of the video, Lt. Andrew Schmidt posted an update that says:

"I reached out to the Alexandria, VA, animal shelter to let them know that Gracie is one of theirs. They saved her in 2004. They were elated -- those people have a tough job, and if it picks up their morale, then great. I also told them that they could use it in any way for marketing or promotion purposes, full rights. Hopefully more to follow on that as well."

It's great to see Schmidt using his viral success to do good and help a local animal shelter. If you want to follow in Schmidt's footsteps and help out a local organization with your videos, you can do so at


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