Friday, November 6, 2009

Liberal comedian comes out of the closet as former insurance spokesperson

If you keep up with the lighter side of YouTube politics, the name Andy Cobb might ring a bell. Andy is a comic who has made a name for himself on the site for last three years, with videos that lampoon conservatives and generally parody politics in America. His Karl Rove rap, his Godfather IV parody of Alberto Gonzales, and his parody of the Washington Post are all popular hits on YouTube.

Now Cobb has revealed a secret from his past as a commercial actor, and is using it to push for health care reform. Turns out he used to work as a spokesperson for the insurance industry in Florida (specifically, Blue Cross Blue Shield), a job Cobb claims required him to say things he didn't really believe in TV commercials. In an act that one might consider half activism, and half Internet video catharsis, he's now teaming up with Brave New Films on their "Sick for Profit" initiative to highlight what he calls, "the lies of the insurance industry."

Cobb's efforts are getting attention... he went on the Ed Show earlier today with Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films to tell his story.


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