Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fabulous Bus Ride

A local Vermont news station, WCAX, reported that a man allegedly stole a tour bus and took it for a joy ride. Not only was he caught -- and now has to appear in Vermont District Court next week -- but being used as evidence against him is this YouTube video, The Fabulous Bus Ride, which he supposedly shot and posted to the site himself.

According to WCAX,
"Thirty-eight-year-old Jacob Rehm of Morrisville was arrested for allegedly taking the $500,000 bus on a joy ride through central Vermont. The bus was eventually tracked down in St Johnsbury. He's a former employee of the bus company. Rehm is charged with operating without the owners consent.

Now it appears he made a 4 minute video of his adventure and posted it on YouTube. It's titled "The Fabulous Bus Ride" and it gives a tour of the bus and shots of Rehm driving."

Check out the video for yourself:

Found courtesy of CNET.


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MrJoThrillz said...

I really enjoyed the editing of the video hahah

Tofugi said...

I like the music, and nice editing. LOL at 3:06 it sounds like he says 'purrs like a guinea pig'. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I don't have any of the aqyired accounts, so it'll have to be an anonymous from me.

How stupid can one man be? I know the general idea now a days is that it's good to be known, even if it on some onlie videoservice. But this stunt?

Have to agree with the rest of the commentaters: Epic fail!*lol*

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he's lucky Keanu Reeves didn't catch wind of this.

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