Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will China pull us out of this Economic Crisis?

After programs in Switzerland, Africa, and East Asia, the Davos Debates - YouTube's partnership with the World Economic Forum - has now landed in China. The question that the WEF wants your feedback on is, "Will China pull us out of this Economic Crisis?" You can answer that question, or submit your video response, on the Davos Debates YouTube channel.

The videos will be posed to industry and government leaders gathered at the WEF's meeting in Dalian, China on September 10-12. WEF will also have a booth set up where attendees can upload video responses to the posts made by YouTubers.

The whole effort is part of WEF's initiative to make the World Economic Forum more open and transparent. This is the first year they've taken the show on the road to several of WEF's meetings, outside of the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland every January.

The WEF meeting in China, dubbed the "Summer Davos", is focused on bringing new leaders together to discuss world economic growth. Learn more about the Davos Debates in China in this video:


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