Monday, August 31, 2009

Battle of the YouTube animators: socialized medicine

You've got no shortage of options if you feel like watching YouTube videos on the healthcare debate these days. But if you're looking for a particularly comprehensive, well-argued, and novel approach to the debate, you might want to spend a few minutes watching these 2 clips. The first, from YouTube user engio, animates a well-argued narrative for "socialized medicine." The second clip, from YouTube user HowtheWorldWorks (you've got to love the confidence that name inspires) uses engio's animation as its backboard, and inserts new animation on top of it to counter each of his points.

The argument for socialized medicine:

The counter-argument against socialized medicine:


L.D said...

Okay, I have a question: I am the maker of the HowTheWorldWorks video, and a YouTube partner.

Since CitzenTube is YouTube's official non-partisan channel, why is citizentube going around giving 1 star ratings to its Partner channels like mine?

Why was my video given one star?
Is CitizenTube not affiliated with YouTube?
Is CitizenTube partisan?

Steve said...

hey - great video! we loved your video which is why we posted about it here - so creative and well-done. as for the rating, that was a mistake. happens from time to time.

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