Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Happening in Afghanistan? Ask the Chairman.

Today, the Hill reports that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, has launched a YouTube channel to create a dialogue with members of the military and the public. Mullen is the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs to create a YouTube channel, providing an unprecedented public view into Pentagon affairs.

Last week, the office of the Joint Staff uploaded this YouTube video, which asks citizens to join a virtual townhall and submit their questions for Admiral Mullen:

The deadline for submitting your question is August 31st at midnight. Mullen will answer a selection of questions through another YouTube video on September 1.


Anonymous said...


tomoshea66 said...

I think we should reinstate the draft so we can be
prepared to help the Israelites.

Anonymous said...

As we pull out of Iraq will we divert ALL of our forces to Afghanistan, or will some go back home/other bases?

tomoshea66 said...

We must reinstate the draft because we are a Christian nation and because the Jew's are God's
chosen people. We must come to their aid because
they are surrounded by the evil doers.

Gazz_mann said...

Why are you still in Afganistan?!
There is nothing more to do. You the mighty Allied forces will never defeat them, because the more you kill the more people will take up arms agianst you. If someone invaded the US every american would take up arms to defend their country. Being in Afganistan is futile waste of money and lifes!

Anonymous said...

Your dieing for nothing

Anonymous said...

The war is a way to ask power, political way to collect votes from your people,for your country...even if you ask it outside your borders....Isen't it true;

Kody K said...

How many Hospitals and schools have been cleaned of weapons and hazdorus materials and are back iin full order?


Anonymous said...

i miss u james

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