Friday, August 21, 2009

Greenpeace - "Gotcha!"

This clip from the BBC's popular Hard Talk program shows outgoing Greenpeace leader Gerd Leipold trying to defend his position that the Greenland ice sheet will melt by 2030. When pushed by host Stephen Sackur on the veracity of the statement, Leipold back-peddles and explains that Greenpeace "emotionalizes" issues and concedes that the organization may have exaggerated in this case. Posted by "Not Evil Just Wrong", a group dedicated to pointing out Climate Change exaggerations, the clip is a fantastic watch (learn more about the conflict here):


Not Evil Just Wrong said...

These fear mongering tactics are exactly why we made Not Evil Just Wrong. Since when did a scientific debate get reduced down to doomsday or not?

Fred said...

Ice-free sea is a term used by many organisations e.g. NASA that describes an arctic free of sea-ice, which excludes Greenland.
I do admit that GP should not use language that could be understood differently than it is meant.
GP is in a very difficult position, because no matter how much good they do (and they have done a lot of good, look e.g. at Unilever and Kimberley-Clark) the slightest side-step is exagarated, blocking out the importnat issue.
Please go to and find the answer to this topic and then make up your mind.

I am quite surprised to find this video, without a link to GP answer, here on Citizentube.

Anonymous said...

Kicking one brick out of the foundation my not cause a total collapse of the structure of the environmental activist movement, but it may teach them to get results through honesty, instead of hysteria.
Crying wolf is an old story...about integrity.

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