Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The New York Times reminds us why print matters

The New York Times posted an interesting video to their YouTube channel this morning. It's more or less a promotional piece for the Times, but one can easily imagine this being the topic of study for journalism students in generations to come. The video is called "The Advantages of Using A Print Newspaper," and it features interviews with several journalism professors who talk about the importance of the print version of the newspaper -- why it's still important, how it differs from and compliments the online version, and what role it plays in today's media environment.

Some of the reasons cited why print newspapers still provide value include:
  • print newspapers allow for a better understanding the relationship between stories
  • print newspapers give readers a good overview of the top news of the day
  • print newspapers enable readers to discover topics they wouldn't otherwise come across
Watch the video here:

The Times, which has a terrific YouTube channel, has been one of the most innovative newspapers when it comes to digital strategy - winning awards annually for their cutting-edge website and online media tools - so it's notable that they're making the effort to remind people of their roots.


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