Friday, January 29, 2010

Forty-Eight Hours to Submit Your Question for the President

On Monday afternoon, as a follow-up to his State of the Union address, President Obama will give a live interview to YouTube from the White House -- and every single question will come from you. You can submit your questions in video or in text, and you can vote on which questions you think should be asked on CitizenTube. Your votes will determine the top questions posed during the discussion with the President. The deadline for submission is Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST.

What makes a good question? That's entirely up to you. We would love to see as many video questions as possible, so if you can, record your question on camera and upload it to YouTube. Be sure to keep it under 20 seconds, and make sure the video and audio quality is crisp and clear. The Moderator platform allows for text questions, too - so if you don't have time to post a video, feel free to simply type your question. We'll use a mixture of both in the interview.

If you're considering what your question should be, but missed the President's State of the Union speech, here it is:

Don't be afraid to ask tough questions - this is your opportunity to have direct access to the President. Though we obviously won't get to each of the thousands of questions that have been submitted, you'll have a say in which questions are asked by voting on your favorites - so come back to
CitizenTube and vote often.

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Smoothguy5000 said...

Call each one out tha accepted the stimulus money ans ask why if their so much against it.

Dr. Sacks-Wilner said...

I think health care reform needs to be passed this year. We need the House to pass the Senate bill, with the stipulation that the Senate, under reconciliation, make needed improvements to its bill. Please call Congress out and have them act on this much needed reform before more people lose their insurance or die as a result of not going to a doctor due to being uninsured or underinsured!!! Thank You

Terry Franklin said...

Don't know how accurate this is, but I have heard the YouTube M.C. will consolidate all the drug policy related issues together into a single question.

I hope this question can cover a lot of ground. The topics seem to break down into a number of categories:

# Why do you treat this issue so lightly?

# Legalization, individual freedom, Prohibition- related crime reduction, etc.

# Medical marijuana, compassion, etc.

# Agricultural hemp, economics, environment.

Perhaps an open-ended question listing the major topics, for Mr. Obama to address in any way he wants.

It is important for things like drugs, NASA, gay marriage, etc. to be addressed in forums like this. Questions on jobs, healthcare, and the like -- we've heard the president give his stump speech on those subjects in a hundred venues already -- because that is what the mainstream media reporters ask about.

Anonymous said...

Twp years ago the Federal Reserve loaned out 9 trillion taxpayers' dollars, but we are powerless to know, to whom, why and for what. Since debt is a sad curse to individuals and/or nations, why can we not know what is being done with OUR money, Mr. President? And what legislation can we bring about to protect us from this abuse?

Jill Fisher said...

I do not know why I could not VOTE or post a question... I was logged on and yet, it kept asking me for confirmed password, etc.

My question:

Mr. President, it is evident that special interests are controlling Salazar! Please, when will you call for a moratorium on BLM roundups and end the terror and loss of freedom, protection and life for the wild horses of America?

Jill Fisher said...

My other question:

Is the proposed Ruby Pipline which will cross through public lands and protected lands for the wild horses leading to these massive roundups in the dead of winter, costing the tax payers many, many, multi-thousands of dollars and adding to the 33,000 horses already imprisoned which were self sustaining and supposedly "protected".

This cruel and unnecessary entrapment by helicopters flown by a convicted felon, herding/running, terrorizing, these horses for miles down mountainsides with rough, often hidden terrain in winter.

Babies and adults alike, who end up in the entrapment pens with no hoofs left or otherwise injured and have to be euthanized, only after being transported in open, crowded trailers, exhausted cold and with untreated injuries, for hours... only to be impounded in metal pens for the rest of their lives, with no shelter.

And, with no guarantee that shipment to slaughter, is not in their future.

These are horses that were once self sustaining. They are out numbered by privately owned cattle, 100-1 and reside in areas not even frequented by the cattle.

Is the Ruby Pipline causing this unlawful, excessive and massive removal of the majority of our Nation's protected wildlife and a part of our Country's heritage?

At the rate the BLM is going, they are managing these original descendants of the conquistadors to extinction, with birth control drugs, gelding of stallions and hidden disposal, by what ever means they can get away with.

It is costing $100,000 dollars a day, to feed the wild horses that are still impounded. And the BLM is at a helter-skelter pace to roundup MORE???

It costs $1,000-$1,500 an hour for the helicopter pilot, not to mention ALL the other staffing and sub-contractor payouts required.

This is an outrage and an atrocity.

We have asked for these massive roundups to be stopped! We have asked for the reason behind the hastened urgency for these inhumane roundups in the dead of winter! And more planned in a few days to come.

They give the public only a few days to object! But who to send the objections to? but the BLM!

The only answer is for the President to order an immediate moratorium for these roundups and an investigation into the BLM, who is spending and spending a gross amount of tax payers' money.

Please, Mr. President, see what is going on and put a stop to it!

We have asked for an independent, scientific study by a trusted organization not in anyway involved with special interests groups, to verify or admonish the unrealistic claims by the BLM and Salazar.

This has to be stopped immediately! These actions and hidden agenda, is blatant defiance against the rights of the citizens of this Country.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! A moratorium needs to be ordered TODAY!

wantstohelp said...

I would like to know why the President gave all the bail out money to the big corporations?
In my opinion, if he would have given the American people the money, we could have paid off our mortgages that would have helped the banks. If our mortgages were already paid off we could have purchased one of the forclosed homes, that would have also helped the banks out. We could have purchased a new car tat would have helped the auto industry out of their mess. Then if we needed a new computer, refridgerator, new roof on our homes, we could have purchased them and helped out the common work force. He could have given the money in a debit card form. One for the mortage companies, and one for the car dealerships. That way people would not have spent the money on drugs and alcohol.
I would really like to hear the answer to this question. The big corporations showed up in their private jets to collect this money. It would have been like me showing up at the welfare office in my Lexis and dripping in diamonds.

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