Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which of Martin Luther King Jr.'s words moved you most?

Martin Luther King Day is just around the corner on January 18, and to honor of Dr. King' s legacy, the Washington Post is inviting its readers and the YouTube community to share which of his words are most memorable and why.

Using YouTube Direct, you can submit your YouTube video response on the Washington Post's own website. Washington Post editors will be sifting through your submissions and keeping an eye out for a selection to be featured on both the YouTube homepage and on washingtonpost.com on Monday, MLK Day.

Here's a video of some of the Washington Post's star journalists reciting a portion of the famous "I Have a Dream" speech:

Dr. King inspired many people from all walks of life while he lived, and his great orations have ensured that his legacy will live on for generations. Just about every schoolchild in the United States, and many around the world, have heard his speeches and listened to the messages within, So what parts moved you? Do you have a favorite section that means something special? Or a phrase that you find particularly moving or powerful or thought-provoking, or even controversial? What are you memories or impressions of Dr. King and the words he left behind?

We want to hear your voices.

There's not a lot of time, so we hope you'll get started on your video soon. Visit the Washington Post site to see other videos and to submit your own.

And here's a link to some of Dr. King's most famous speeches.


Anonymous said...

This is the best video depicting the words of Martin Luther King Jr. It's a rap video with King's images and speech in it.


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