Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Caught on Camera: Face off between whaling boat and anti-whaling vessel

Earlier today, the Ady Gil, an anti-whaling speedboat, was de-bowed after being struck by a Japanese whaling ship, the Shonan Maru, off the coast of Antarctica. According to the Guardian, the Andy Gil is owned by the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society group, which regularly sends conservation groups to interfere with Japanese whale hunting fleets.

Several bystanders captured the event on camera, making for some pretty amazing eyewitness video footage.

This first one appears to have been taken from the deck of the Shonan Maru and shows the actual collision from above:

This video was taken from another vessel (the Bob Barker), which is also owned and operated by the Sea Shephard Conservation Society and was traveling with the Ady Gil. Here you can see the collision between the two boats from a distance, as well as hear the color commentary from the observers:


Roo said...

well, it seems pretty obvious to me that the Jap whaler deliberately targetted the Ady Gill and rammed it on purpose. The Ady Gill is showing no wake, yet look at the bow wave on the whaler! Then see the lack of regret as they try to hose off the crew as they sail past the wreckage.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Roo those big ships do not turn on a dime. also if you watch the Gill starts to accellerate forward into the Whaling ship. watch the rear of the Gil and you can see its engines kick in and push the boat forward. This was the Gil's fault.

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