Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Republicans rally around Brown on YouTube

As Republicans across the country celebrate the victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate special election yesterday and Democrats mourn the loss of Martha Coakley, they're turning to YouTube to share their feelings. User Zack Silverman encourages Democrats to fight back, while this Massachussets voter, congratulates Brown on his win and is greeted by positive comments:

And voters aren't the only ones patting Brown on the back. Other Republican candidates have quickly posted YouTube videos in support of Brown, eager to align themselves. Here's one from Adam Andrzejewski, who is running for Governor of Illinois:

Last week, we noted Brown's solid use of YouTube to reach voters (his popularity continued to grow on the site, as a video posted yesterday already has 114,000 views), so it's no surprise that Republicans like Andrzejewski are hopping on the Brown bandwagon. And other candidates are already running Promoted Video ads likening themselves to Brown on YouTube. A search for "Massachusetts" yielded this one:

It's clear that Republicans are getting serious about new media campaigning, and it'll be interesting to see if the Democrats can re-capture some of that 2008 magic and come back strong online in the rest of the 2010 elections.


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