Saturday, January 16, 2010

Incredible footage of explosion during Baltimore city fire

Pretty incredible footage here, captured by a bystander who happened to be filming a house fire near his home. There's lots of video of fires uploaded to YouTube every week, but it's not every day that you capture a moment like this one. This citizen reporter is recording what's happening as fire fighters try to get inside of the door as flames leap out of the front door, and then, about 8 seconds into the video there's a massive explosion and the fire fighters are blown backwards.

The footage gives you a real, unfiltered perspective into just how dangerous it really is to be a firefighter.

It appears from the comments on the video that the owner has other footage from the scene -- perhaps after the explosion? -- that he has removed from YouTube. He writes in the comments:

Hckybiz: "I just spoke with a member from the BCFD & he is having me make some of the footage private. I was unaware that Flashover was a rare event & that fact that it was caught on tape is even more extraordinary

The footage is being used in the investigation and people were hurt during the filming, so I want to make sure I have permission to show the entire footage of the fire.

Once I have the all clear, the rest of the footage will be made public for everyone to view.

Thanks for your understanding."

Right after that, user qball107, presumably a Baltimore City firefighter himself, responds to another comment (which appears to have been removed by the owner - likely for being offensive):

qball107: "how do you love it....That was my first due and i got off work 20 mins before that happend. I talked to the Lt before that box came out and now he is in the hospital because of what the fuck can you say u love it"
It also appears from the comments that this video was picked up by the local Baltimore news.

We'll be watching to see if hckybiz posts the additional footage he captured.


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