Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kids taught to praise Obama at school

This one's gonna get some traction... someone captured a group of school kids being taught songs to honor President Obama. Respecting your country's leader is one thing... but the lyrics, "Mm, Mm, Mm, Barack Hussien Obama" are just... weird.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Hitler, Stalin, and Lenon were all praised the same way. Whats wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

This was from a show in February for Black History Month. No one complained then and did they get permission to show those kids? Better hope no one gets sued. Just a sideshow distraction. Also, some kids in the South sang a song to Bush a few years back, was that wrong? People are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Lies no one sang to bush, this site is on the left that why this video was pulled

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