Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Democracy Video Challenge winners on the Today Show, v2 launches today

Today is the International Day of Democracy, and what better way to celebrate than to announce the second round of the Democracy Video Challenge, a partnership between YouTube, the State Department, and several public and private partners who want you to fill in the blank, "Democracy is..."

Last year, over 900 videos were submitted from over 95 countries, and the six winners are currently in the United States, touring film studios, the United Nations, and the State Department as a part of their 2-week all-expenses-paid trip to the U.S. This morning, they appeared on the Today Show with Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Judith McHale:

This year's Democracy Video Challenge starts today, and you can learn more on the State Department YouTube channel. If you're a filmmaker, a democracy advocate, or just anyone who has an idea about what Democracy means, head over to the State Department channel and get to work completing the phrase, “Democracy is…” Just like last year, six regional winners will be selected by the online voting public, and they'll receive an all-expense paid trip to the United States that includes screenings of their videos in New York, Hollywood and Washington, meetings with film directors, public officials and democracy advocates from nongovernmental organizations, and time on film and TV sets.

Learn more on the Democracy Video Challenge YouTube channel, or on the State Department's website.


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