Monday, September 21, 2009

Battleground Virginia: Your questions for Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell

One of the most watched electoral contests in the country this fall is the Virginia gubernatorial race. After electing two straight nationally-recognized Democratic governors (Mark Warner, who went on to represent VA in the U.S. Senate, and Tim Kaine, who's become the national Chairman of the DNC), most polls have shown Republican Bob McDonnell holding a slight lead over Democratic nominee Creigh Deeds. And just like in the Democratic primary election, we're partnering with the Politico and WJLA to bring your questions to the candidates in two TV interviews.

Both McDonnell and Deeds have been running strong campaigns on YouTube - and their uploads should only increase in these final weeks leading up to the election on November 3rd.

Upload your video questions by midnight on Thursday, October 1st and vote on your favorites - the top-ranked questions will be posed to the candidates in these live interviews.


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