Friday, September 25, 2009

Unrest in Honduras

Reports straight from Tegucigalpa, Honduras have been coming into YouTube this week - as the country wavers in the face of unrest.

Former Honduran President Zeyala, who was exiled from Honduras after a military coup, returned to the country in secret earlier this week and has taken refuge inside the Brazilian embassy. Upheaval ensued as Zeyala's supporters began to protest and the current government put virtually the entire country on lock-down.
One American traveling with a group through South America, posted several vlogs relaying his experience in Honduras over the past few days. In the first one, shot on Monday when the unrest began, he is in the airport giving a first hand account of being escorted out after his group's flight was cancelled.

In this one, he updates family and friends back home after having been stuck in a hotel in Honduras for several days due to a city-wide curfew.

This footage shows Zelaya supporters trying to block of the area around the Brazilian embassy where the former President is hiding out:

This video from earlier in the week shows what it's been like in Tegucigalpa, as protesters have clashed with the police. The videographer also interviews Honduras residents (in Spanish, without subtitles).


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