Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reaching Their Goals, One Shot at a Time

If you can't wait for June 2010 to see your favorite soccer players in action, this week you can get your fill of awesome bicycle kicks and amazing penalty shots as the Homeless World Cup takes place in Milan.

The Homeless World Cup is an annual international soccer tournament that allows teams of homeless individuals from around the world to take to the field and represent their respective countries. Over 30,000 citizens from 60 countries have participated in the event -- and 70% of these participants have changed their lives due to the experience by kicking drugs/alcohol, finding employment, or getting off the streets. See some of the faces that are participating in this year's World Cup here:

In addition, you can catch behind-the-scenes action from the HWC on YouTube, including player vlogs, like this one from Team Philippines, and footage of team warm-up sessions. And if you want to see how these players stack up against Beckham and other pro footballers, here's a clip from the Italy v. Ghana game, which took place earlier this week:

For more, check out the Homeless World Cup YouTube channel at


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