Thursday, September 24, 2009

Turmoil at G-20: Protesters and police clashing in Pittsburgh

Videos are starting to come in from the streets of Pittsburgh where the G-20 summit is being held this week. Police have reportedly clashed with protesters today, who tried to approach the convention center where the world leaders were meeting without permission.

Here's some footage just uploaded by eyewitnesses:

G20 police standoff

Pittsburgh G20 - Police use LRAD

Police threaten protesters at g20

G20 Video - Ethiopians Dispersed by Police


Anonymous said...

The world leaders were meeting without permission?

Anonymous said...

It looks like people are just randomly attacking police but you are making it out as if the police are the aggressors. fail

Planstoprosper said...

So... I don't see anything wrong here. The last video is titled "Ethiopians dispersed by police" but... they're not dispersed. In fact the police just stand there listening to the chants. As far as I can tell, the police don't even move at all. The middle two give no context whatsoever and are next to useless. And the first video doesn't show police "clashing" with protesters. It shows police standing nicely in a line while protesters throw stuff at them. I really don't see why these videos are relevant at all.

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