Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Denmark Tourism Agency takes down, "help me find my baby's father" video

The clip that has caused a global debate over the integrity of a viral video campaign by the tourism agency of Denmark was taken down yesterday. In the clip, posted originally by VisitDenmark, a Danish mother holds her baby and asks that the real father - a man she slept with 18 months ago and never heard from again - come forward.

Though the clip was intended to show the exciting nature of travel in Denmark through the anecdote the woman tells of her meeting with the mysterious tourist, many Danish citizens didn't like the portrayal of their country. Visit Denmark originally said this was the most successful ad campaign in their history, but under public pressure, the firm removed the film today.

"The aim was to create a positive awareness of Denmark and to jump-start conversations about Denmark," said Dorthe Kiilerich, CEO of VisitDenmark. "As we don't wish to keep causing people distress, VisitDenmark has chosen to remove the film from YouTube."

A few copies still remain...


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