Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Climate Activists Scale Niagara Falls to Protest Tar Sands Oil

This morning, six members of the Rainforest Action Network scaled up to the observation deck of Niagara Falls and dropped a 70-foot banner to protest the use of tar sands oil. See the banner unfurling for yourself, here:

The dropping of the banner was timed to coincide with a meeting between President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which will take place tomorrow. According to the Rainforest Action Network, Canada provides more than 19% of U.S. oil, and over half of this is made from tar sands. RAN also asserts that the production of tar sands oil emits three times as much greenhouse gas as regular oil.

The activists were arrested, but in true social media fashion, they've been tweeting from jail about their experience.


Unknown said...

How did they get up there? lol

Matt said...

Hahaha, so wait. They made a 70-foot tarp. I wonder how harmful that is to the environment? What are they going to do with it when they're done? :p

I swear, these mindless enviro-freaks make the world a worse and worse place daily. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your right Matt, nevermind the point being made. People are stupid and should be hermits and ignore the world outside. It's not a tartp, it's netting and rope. You know, the recylable kind, not the earth destrying 1,000 year half life kind.


I used to live in Fort McMurray, the home of Canadian Tar Sands. My Father worked there in the mid 80's.

I also used to be a resident of the Falls and my entire family is still there now.

Kudos for another record feat in the Falls, of which, many have been made throughout history.

Something good better come out of this meeting today, however, Harper is as ignorant and ancient as politicians of old so I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

We can hope that "mindless enviro-freaks" are just that, but they are more than right. And I hope we won't learn why the harder way... A big "thanks" from Belgrade, Serbia, take some good books to the jail and be proud of yourselves!

Michelle said...

That's pretty incredible. I wanna know how you Tweet from jail.

Niagara Resident said...

These morons are not only risking thier lives, they too are adding to the amount of polution put into the enviroment. The people there to rescue them and there ideling cars, increased amount of carbon dioxide from the addedd traffic(cop cars,On lookers), the gas burned in the news chopper, the rescue choppers, and what about there net/sign, do they expect the police to discard it? or do they plan on lettig it fall to the ground to add more trash? Idiots, bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Its a trade-off. ^

liz said...

They are excercising their right to freedom of speech, in a spectacular, bold, impressive and memorable way. good for them. I am impressed by their audacity, commitment and guts.(Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even those who call the environmental activists nasty names on this blog.)

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