Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why would anyone want to stop you from voting?

Video the Vote is a nonprofit organization that employs a network of citizen journalists to capture polling place problems on Election Day. The organization works on both an assignment desk and platform model: people can submit videos to their website, and Video the Vote also contacts individuals in their network and dispatches them to document troubles as they arise in precincts across the country. Already, they are documenting issues in machine technology glitches, and are seeing long lines at several polling places.

Our Election Day partnership with PBS, Video Your Vote, seeks to encourage, aggregate and spotlight this type of content from groups like Video the Vote across the country. We're working with several Election Protection partners both to highlight issues in election fraud but also to encourage voters to document their voting experience no matter what the result. This will be the most-documented election in history, and we encourage people to submit their videos to our Video Your Vote channel on YouTube, at

Here's a cool new video from Video the Vote, called "Why would anyone want to stop you from voting?", about their efforts:


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