Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvard Students Dig, You Decide

It's around this time every Election Season - in the final days leading up to the vote - when Americans across the country turn to their local and national newspapers to find issue-by-issue comparisons of the candidates. It's as if newspapers sit down to do these comparisons - which read like campaign cliff notes - out of a final sense of responsibility to cover the issues instead of the horse race. Though they often read like text books, they're incredibly helpful as a final study before voting - especially if you haven't made up your mind.

This year, a group of Harvard students is taking a new approach to issue comparisons with a project called "Vote Gopher". With the catchy tagline, "We dig, you decide," Vote Gopher digs up candidate positions on the issues and compares them in a series of short YouTube videos they produce. Complete with clips from candidate videos, easy-to-understand bullet points and graphics, and clear, well-researched narratives, these videos are a great study to those who'd rather cover the issues via video than newsprint. Here's a great example of a Vote Gopher video, on healthcare.

You can learn more and watch more issue videos at their YouTube channel or at their website,


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