Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doc Spotlights Afghanistan War

In recent weeks, and especially in the wake of the presidential debates, attention has focused back on the war in Afghanistan. Hoping to fill the void in the media coverage of Afghanistan, VBSdotTV's YouTube Channel has launched a six-part Internet documentary this month entitled “Inside Afghanistan with Ben Anderson,” an in-depth look at “the other war” in the war on terror.

Anderson, a reporter for the BBC, spent two months with British soldiers who were assigned to train the Afghan National Army while simultaneously fighting the Taliban. The stories Anderson found there, and documented in riveting detail, testify to the courage of the men and women in uniform, and the enormity of the mission they’ve been given:

“[My goal was] to show just how much is being asked of our soldiers out there,” Anderson recently explained to Citizentube. “How the Afghan people are getting caught up in the middle of the seemingly endless battle and how little manpower there is for the huge goals the US and UK governments have set out there.”

From harrowing ambushes and intense fighting, to candid moments with soldiers doing their best to retain their humanity, Anderson’s documentary sheds a much needed light on a war that all too often doesn’t get the media coverage it deserves.


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