Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing the Expectations Game on YouTube

In preparation for tonight's town hall debate -- the second of three between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama -- the Democrats are trying to raise expectations for McCain's debate performance sky-high, arguing that the town hall format has always been Senator McCain's strong suit. The DemRapidResponse YouTube channel, which is run by the Democratic National Committee, released an advertisement today that mashes-up dozens of news clips of media pundits, journalists, and even the candidate himself, declaring that the folksy, direct approach of the town hall meetings allows McCain to shine.

High expectations for McCain raise the bar to his success, but the Senator's performance in Town halls is legendary - he's done over 100 so far, and repeatedly asked Senator Obama to join him in townhalls all summer long.

See for yourself tonight, when the two candidates go head to head in Nashville, Tennesee at 9 pm ET. The entire debate will also be available here on YouTube on the C-SPAN channel after the live taping.


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