Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clinton Continues to use YouTube as Election Approaches

Most primary challengers have long since shuttered their YouTube channels since the General Election began. Mike Huckabee hasn't logged into his account in 6 months. For Fred Thompson, it's been 4 months. John Edwards and Mitt Romney haven't been on the Tube in over a month. There are some exceptions - Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich have stuck around, trying to capitalize on the movements their campaigns created - probably because that's more of what they were about from the start.

But the most interesting exception is Hillary Clinton - the campaign has continued to post videos of her campaign stops, her time at the Conventions, and some behind-the-scenes material, too. Her latest is a joint "Get out the Vote" video with President Clinton.

It looks like not many are watching however - this clip only has 329 views in 2 days. It used to be that a Clinton video uploaded to YouTube was guaranteed to get at least 20,000 views, if not many times more. But of course things have changed drastically since then, with the Obama campaign dominating the Democratic viewership on YouTube - just yesterday the campaign uploaded 20 - yes, 20! - videos to their YouTube channel in one day.


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