Friday, October 24, 2008

Citizentube Friday Five

Average "Joes" stump for McCain, conservatives (and some famous Jewish comedians) come out for Obama, Team Nader gives us a good pre-Election scare, and a fake boyband gives new meaning to the word "battleground." Here's this week's Friday Five.

I Am Joe (johnmccaindotcom)

Inspired by Joe the Plumber, McCain supporters avow their solidarity.

Conservatives for Change (obamavideo08)

Conservatives explain why they’re voting for Barack Obama.

Boybama - Battleground for Your Heart (portalainteractive)

Pro-Obama “boyband” parody targeted at an important voting demographic.

Ain't Funny - Vice President. Vote Obama-Biden. (aintfunnyorg)

Older Jewish celebrities come out for Obama.

Election Night of the Living Dead (votenader08)

Latest ad from the Nader campaign.


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