Wednesday, May 21, 2008

U.S. of Friggin A... Number-Oned

Ever since ParkRidge47's Vote Different YouTube video, the art of the political mash-up has become a cultural political phenomenon. More recently we've seen people using the ads that candidates upload to the tube as the source material for their mashups, like Hillary Clinton's "Children" ad, which inspired dozens of parodies and mashups, like this one. The latest in this genre started with Senator McCcain's campaign last week. In his "2013" ad, we're given an inspiring preview of what America and the world would be like at the end of a President McCain first term... but this optimistic vision turns absurd in "McCain 2013 Ad Roughcut," posted by SomethingAwfulvideos. It's billed as a "pre-release version" of the official McCain video.

The original McCain piece:

The mash-up:

Whether McCain would approve of this "roughcut" is unclear—but on YouTube a mashup is often the highest form of flattery...


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