Thursday, May 8, 2008

No one paying attention this time? Get on YouTube

While Clinton, Obama, and McCain might be getting most of the attention, there's another familiar name in this year's presidential race—Ralph Nader. The long-time activist and consumer advocate is making another bid for the White House—eight years after capturing 2.7 percent of the vote in the 2000 presidential election. And while the mainstream media is paying much less attention this time around, Nader has turned to YouTube to reach voters.

Nader recently launched a YouTube channel to promote his campaign. Unlike other presidential candidates on YouTube, he isn't exclusively relying on his campaign staff to create videos for his channel—he's soliciting volunteers and supporter to contribute videos as well. From public speeches featuring him and running mate Matt Gonzales, to tongue-and-cheek commercials, to enthusiastic testimonials from supporters, the channel reflects Nader's anti-establishment, grassroots sensibility.

Although sometimes blamed for costing Al Gore the presidency in 2000, Nader refuses to let that argument deter him, and in a recent public appearance (see the video above) he's argued that third-party candidates deserve to be treated better than "second-class-citizens."


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