Thursday, May 8, 2008

Can We Ask? Yes We Can.

With Senator Obama's candidacy as the Democratic nominee looking more and more likely, the GOP's general election strategy ratcheted up this week online. The GOP's new media team, led by ex-Yahoo Internet guru Cyrus Krohn, has begun compiling media clips that criticize the Senator - and asking party supporters to submit tough questions for Obama via YouTube.

They've even turned the Obama campaign's own catch phrase, "Yes We Can," against him in this call-out video for their "Can We Ask?" initiative.

The GOP has already seen the value in using YouTube to rally their supporters in the past; back in July, the Republicans actively reached out to party members on YouTube, soliciting questions for the Democratic CNN-YouTube debate. Even RNC Chairman Mike Duncan used this forum to pose questions to Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama.

Check out the GOP website to view a list of all of the video questions submitted thus far.

Thanks to David All at for the tip!


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