Tuesday, May 20, 2008

President of...the World?

If you think Americans are the only ones following the U.S. presidential election—think again. From England to Russia to the Middle East, people from all over the world are paying close attention to this year’s battle for the White House—and they’re using YouTube to declare their endorsements and speak their minds.

Recognizing the global importance of this year's U.S. election, LinkTV launched "Dear American Voter," a video series in which they asked non-U.S. citizens whom they would vote for and why. These videos highlight the fact that the U.S. President's influence and decision-making extend far beyond national borders.

Some non-U.S. users have uploaded personalized messages to their favorite candidates, like this video from hedjamavieille, who urges Barack Obama not to forget about the people of Africa if he's elected. Other YouTubers have gone one step further, like this British citizen who recently traveled from England to San Francisco specifically to volunteer for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Whether they’re curious onlookers, supporters from afar, or active volunteers, people all around the world recognize that this year’s U.S. presidential race isn’t just an American tale–it’s a story that involves us all.


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