Friday, May 30, 2008

CitizenTube's Friday Five

What do anti-Obama vets, a young Hillary Clinton, and two unorthodox investigative journalists have in common? They each make an appearance in this week’s Friday Five.

Young Hillary Clinton (60Frames)

Satirical portrait of Hillary Clinton as a young (and very competitive) girl.

Podemos Con Obama (illwilly)

Latest pro-Obama music video from illwilly, featuring several major figures from the Latin music and film communities.

Senator Obama: Talk to Commanders or Meet with Dictators? (VetsForFreedomVideo)

Vets For Freedom campaign ad targeted against Barack Obama.

TV ad: Bush-McCain Challenge (karinmoveon)

Latest MoveOn.Org ad against John McCain.

Checkmate (InternetsCelebrities)

Engaging investigative report on check cashing and the cycle of poverty.


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