Monday, May 19, 2008

"Ask the PM" on YouTube

Did you know the British Government has their own YouTube channel? For over a year, 10 Downing Street has not merely been the street address of the UK's Prime Minister - it's also served as the YouTube address of the government's online video headquarters. Tony Blair's Labour government started the channel, which they've used to give a behind-the-scenes look at life inside Britain's second-most famous residence. They've documented visits with other world leaders, messages to specific constituencies, and even the arrival of the PM's cat. When Nicolas Sarkozy won the French presidential election last year, Blair's congratulatory greetings (shot in both English and French) combined for over half a million views.

Now Gordon Brown picks up that mantle with the launch of "Ask the PM", a YouTube program (er, programme) in which he'll respond to questions from his constituents on YouTube on a regular basis. Citizens can submit the questions right on Number 10's YouTube channel, and he'll respond to them when he can. Much like the You Choose '08 Spotlight program in the US last year, "Ask the PM" gives citizens a chance to speak directly to their leaders without a media middle-man.


Brewhaha said...

This is excellent. When are we going to get channels like this for our congresspersons and government execs in the states?

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