Thursday, May 29, 2008

UpTake to Stream the Minnesota State Democratic Party Convention

The Uptake, an organization dedicated to "advancing democracy through citizen journalism," unveiled its plans yesterday to dispatch its team of citizen reporters to Rochester, MN to cover the Minnesota State Democratic Party Convention. Kicking off with Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean's opening address on Friday June 6, the Uptake will offer the first ever live video streaming coverage of the state's Democratic Party Convention -- in its entirety. They also promise to deliver lots of behind-the-scenes interviews and special reports from the convention hall. Check out their official announcement on YouTube here:

The Minnesota Democratic Senate race between the two dynamic candidates, Al Franken and Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, has drawn a great deal of media attention, and the Uptake plans to provide political junkies uninterrupted coverage of the convention on their website. Users will also have multiple ways to engage and participate in their live coverage at


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