Monday, April 12, 2010

Red Shirt protesters in Thailand clash with security forces, killing 17

On Saturday, protesters in Thailand known as the "Red Shirts" (for wearing red clothing as they march in the streets), clashed violently with police forces.  The Red Shirts have been calling for the dissolution of Parliament, the ousting of Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, and a new round of elections for the last month, but this weekend, tensions rose as security forces quelled the demonstrations.   17 civilians were killed and hundreds more were injured.

Dozens of eyewitness videos are being uploaded to YouTube documenting Saturday's unrest.

This video, taken and narrated by the user Thaifaq, who was in the crowd, shows how the scene turned from peaceful to deadly in a matter of moments.  The music that never ceases playing in the background of this clip makes the events that unfold in the footage even more chilling.

Here's an extremely graphic video uploaded yesterday, showing a man who's just been shot in the head.  Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

And here is a playlist, which we will continue to update, of other videos allegedly taken in Bangkok this past weekend:


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