Thursday, April 1, 2010

New York State Senator's campaign against saggy pants polls well on YouTube

The folks at Tech President just blogged about Eric Adams, a New York State Senator who is using his YouTube channel to promote a different kind of campaign (i.e. it's not for his re-election). The campaign, called "Stop the Sag" calls upon Americans to stop the wearing of slouchy pants - and the campaign's getting traction. This video has received over 50,000 views since last Friday:

It's definitely interesting to see how local politicians are using their YouTube channels to engage with their constituents on issues that aren't ordinarily on the political agenda. This issue looks like it's polling well for Adams as there are numerous positive YouTube comments including these:

  • RealSourCupcakes its about time someone spoke out against sagging pants. its disturbing to walk down the streets in NYC, when all you see is 500 different colors of boxers. there couldn't be a better topic than this <3>
  • canote718 thank you for leading the way in stopping sagging pants! This "trend" has gone way to far. I am tired of walking down the street and seeing young men with their underwear hanging out. (27 likes)


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It's Eric Adams

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It's amazing picture.

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