Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Bigotgate": Gordon Brown's "Macaca" Moment

"Bigotgate," an incident in the UK between PM Gordon Brown and an elderly woman on the campaign trail, just happened earlier today but is already being billed as the biggest gaffe of the UK election season.

In this clip, Brown is first seen talking to a woman who takes issue with the way immigration is dealt with in the UK. Then, after she leaves and he gets into a car, he doesn't realize the mic is still live and proceeds to call the incident "a disaster" and her "a bigoted woman".

YouTube users have already uploaded a slew of takedowns, analyses, and parodies of the incident. Here's a brief sample:

Brown has apologized profusely but will that be enough to counter the massive viral firestorm that "Bigotgate" is becoming? We'll see in a few weeks.


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