Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brazilian Supreme Court’s Chief Justice to answer your questions

We are excited that the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil (STF) is the latest government body to take questions on YouTube. More and more, leaders around the world are using YouTube to connect directly with citizens, but this is the first time that the highest court of law in any country in the world has used YouTube to engage in meaningful dialogue with our community about the political process and governmental issues.

Brazilians -- and anyone else in the YouTube community -- can use our Google Moderator platform to ask questions on the STF’s YouTube Channel at Questions may be submitted in either video or text. Once questions are submitted, any YouTube user will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they think a particular question should be posed to the Chief Justice of the STF, Gilmar Mendes. Justice Mendes will answer some of the top-voted questions in a television broadcast from “TV Justiça” on April 16, 18 hrs. (Brasilia time, 14 hrs. PT). His video response will also be available on YouTube via the STF Official YouTube Channel.

The Supreme Court of Brazil launched its channel in October 2009, and in only six months the Court has uploaded more than 1700 videos, accumulating over one million views on the site. This kind of video engagement makes politics more personal, more democratic, and has shown that it is possible to open up local (i.e. MX), regional, (i.e EU), and global (i.e. COP15) initiatives in exciting new ways.

Questions for the STF may be submitted on any of the following topics:

Form of appointment of a Minister of the STF
Role of the Supreme Court
Balance of activities of the STF and CNJ
Effectiveness of judicial decisions
Proposals of the National Council of Justice
Corruption in the Judiciary system
Democratization of access to justice
Judicial activism
Computerisation of Judiciary
Prerogative of judges
Judiciary exchange in Mercosur and other countries

All questions should relate to one of the themes above and abide by the YouTube Community Guidelines.

This is your chance to engage directly with one of the world’s most impressive legal bodies and make sure your voice is heard. Submit your question today and stay tuned to see if the STF responds.

Posted by Ivo Correa, Government Relations, Google Brasil


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