Monday, December 28, 2009

Protest videos from Iran highlighted on the YouTube homepage

The footage from Iran continues to pour in every hour. We're currently highlighting a selection of videos on the YouTube homepage, and continue to add videos to this playlist on CitizenTube.

A few new notable videos:

In this one, you can see protesters (including a woman raising her arms in the center of the frame) creating a barrier in the middle of the street:

Protesters overturn a police van in this video:

In this one, you can see citizens and the Basij police forces facing off on either side of a city street. The camera-holder is standing more or less on the front lines as fellow protestors lob stones at the police.

In this video, those demonstrating are supposedly chanting: "You are Neda" - paying homage to the young woman, Neda Soltan, whose violent death during the post-election protests in June was captured on camera and became a rallying event for the pro-reform movement.

And in this graphic video, a badly wounded protestor can be seen lying on the ground after having been shot. Viewer discretion is advised before viewing it.


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