Monday, December 7, 2009

New student protests in Iran to mark annual Students' Day

Videos documenting a new crop of protests in Tehran this morning are showing up on YouTube. This round of protests are being led by students, marking the annual Students' Day, which remembers the death of three students who were killed during a demonstration at Tehran University on Dec. 7, 1953.

Reports have come in to various news organizations that the Basij, the Iranian police forces brought in to silence protesters, have again used violent means to stop the pro-reform activists marching in the streets.

Here's a playlist of some of the videos that have been uploaded to YouTube today and were allegedly shot in the last 10 hours or so:

This video shows a group of Basij riding on motorcycles through Tehran:

This video shows students lighting a picture of Ayatolla Khameini (Iran's spiritual leader) on fire:

The New York Times Lede blog is live-blogging the events as they unfold in Tehran.


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