Monday, December 28, 2009

More videos from the Ashura protests in Iran

The videos from Sunday's Ashoura protest in Tehran continue to pour into YouTube. Several users are collecting footage from the protests and aggregating videos on their own channels, such as UNITY4IRAN and OnlyMehdi.

Here's a selection of videos we've received:

We've been told by members of the group Access Now that in this video, demonstrators during the Ashura protest are "attempting to help a bloodied police officer who has been injured and disarmed. Later, in the video, a member of the security forces is captured by his own, and demonstrators yell for his release in the principle of non-violence."

In this video, protesters are taking over a police station in Tehran. Injured protesters can clearly be seen on the streets.

In this video, demonstrators are stepping on a street sign with Ayatollah Khamenei's name on it, the most powerful religious leader in Iran.

In this video, a protester allegedly dies in the streets of Tehran after violent clashes with the police. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.


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