Monday, December 28, 2009

Clashes captured between protesters and the Basij police forces

A few new videos from Iran have been posted that merit highlighting. From these three videos, and others included in the playlist, it seems as though the protestors have been forcefully resisting the police crackdown.

This footage gives a true panoramic view of one intersection in Tehran situated under the Kalej Bridge. The sense of pandemonium in the streets is palpable as the cameraman documents the scene around him - several wounded protestors are being ushered to safety in the first 30 seconds, police forces are being confronted by the crowds, women are screaming, car horns are honking, and the entire area appears to be filled with people.

This video shows protestors cornering several Basij police officers and allegedly forcing them to say "Khamenei is a Bastard!"

This video shows protestors capturing a member of the Basij and roughing him up against a car.


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